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IT Security Assessments

IT Security Assessments and Penetration Tests are an important part of an effective cyber-security strategy because they provide the opportunity to discover and address weaknesses.  Consider: Vulnerability Assessments: Non-intrusive scans of your public facing infrastructure and/or internal servers to discover…
security and regulatory auditing for compliance


We don't confuse compliance with security and neither should you.  When we manage your regulatory requirements (e.g. PCI-DSS, HIPAA, OCIE, CIP,  NERC-CIP, etc.), you will find that our recommendations will often exceed minimum compliance guidelines. You outsource the work,  not…
we provide employee awareness training


Are your own employees your weakest link?  Are they on guard against Social Engineering exploits such as Phishing?  Do they recognize suspicious behavior and content?  Would they report it if they did?  Our cyber-security training is designed to transform your staff…

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FBI has ~50% of US pop on file and “No federal law controls this technology, no court decision limits it. ". See: https://t.co/hh2Q6WWjUO

North Korea publicly implicated in Bangladesh Cntl Bank cyber theft. Recall that the actual attempt was $1B.
See: https://t.co/5tHLgHsWMw

Perceptive insights on the real state of security and implications going forward: https://t.co/FOHz4KCj9q.

1st article claims start of Cyber-arms race, 2nd that US is proposing $1.5B for cyber-sec.

Most organizations are not comfortable with their online risk, but fail to do anything about it. Consider: https://t.co/6ruFsyJnSo

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