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Evaluation Date: 1/1/2019

Evaluation Type: Dynamic

Make: Acme

Model: ModelName

Version: 1.2.3

Evaluation ResultCertified Secure

Evaluation Breakdown

Critical Criteria

Criteria Yes/No
Does the product require a login to access administrative features ?
Does the product enforce strong password requirements ?
Is it possible to easily update the product software ? 
Does the product support automated software updates ?
Does the product validate and reject unacceptable inputs ?
Does the product support secure administrative access ? 
Does the product fail safely ?

Important Criteria

Criteria Yes/No
Does the product feature anti-robot brute-force protection ?
Does the product support multi-factor authentication ?
Does the product allow administrative accounts to be created ?
Does the product allow the default administrative accounts to be removed/disabled ?
Does the product encrypt the information that it stores ?
Does the product encrypt its communications with other devices ?
Does the product authenticate other devices and components it interacts with ?   
Does the product authenticate the update server ?
Does the product fully redact its make, model, and software version in non-admin comms ?         
Does the product securely log access events ? 

Valuable Criteria

Criteria Yes/No
Does the product verify downloaded software updates via digital signature ?
Does the product feature any DoS resistance features ?
Does the product resist physical tampering ?

Final Security Score: 

Final Security Rating: Certified Secure

Evaluation Criteria Version: 1.0



Affinity IT Security Labs Security Certification is an attestation that the indicated product has, to the best of our ability to discern, satisfied the specific criteria listed above.  It makes no other claims regarding the relative security of the evaluated product.   Affinity IT Security “Certified Secure” and “Certified Highly Secure” are understood to simply designate a scoring range in our scoring system, and should not be construed or endowed with any meaning beyond that.

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