Acme, Inc. Static Evaluation Results

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Evaluation Date: 1/1/2019

Evaluation Type: Static

Make: Acme

Model: ModelName

Version: 1.2.3

Evaluation ResultCertified Secure

Evaluation Breakdown

Critical Criteria

Criteria Yes / No
Does the product require a login to access administrative features ?
Does the product enforce strong password requirements ?
Is it possible to easily update the product software ? 
Does the product support automated software updates ?
Does the product validate and reject unacceptable inputs ? Not Tested
Does the product support secure administrative access ? 
Does the product fail safely ? Not Tested

Important Criteria

Criteria Points Earned
Does the product feature anti-robot brute-force protection ? Not Tested
Does the product support multi-factor authentication ?
Does the product allow administrative accounts to be created ?
Does the product allow the default administrative accounts to be removed/disabled ?
Does the product encrypt the information that it stores ?
Does the product encrypt its communications with other devices ?
Does the product authenticate other devices and components it interacts with ?   
Does the product authenticate the update server ?
Does the product fully redact its make, model, and software version in non-admin comms ?          Not Tested
Does the product securely log access events ?  Not Tested

Valuable Criteria

Criteria Points Earned
Does the product verify downloaded software updates via digital signature ?
Does the product feature any DoS resistance features ? Not Tested
Does the product resist physical tampering ? Not Tested

Final Security Rating: Certified Secure

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