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Security Certifications For IoT Products

If you manufacture inter-connectable devices, you know how important security is to your customers.   They want assurances that the devices they connect to their networks do not weaken their security posture.  

There is now a way to demonstrate your commitment to security
by certifying the security features in your products.

Here’s how it works.  You request a security certification for your product(s).  We evaluate your products against our standard security criteria.  You get security certification materials you can use in your marketing and packaging materials.  You include them in your marketing materials and packaging, and the customer knows what security features are supported.  We post a permanent web-page documenting your products evaluation results.

That’s right.  Once evaluated, your products can forever boast their certification credentials.

As an independent security testing laboratory, our certification services provide IoT device manufacturers with a competitive advantage and their customers with peace of mind.

We will:

  • Evaluate your IoT device against our published standard of static or dynamic security criteria. (See our standard evaluation criteria)
  • Certify your IoT device with a rating generated by our Security Rating Model
  • Provide you with a Security Certificate and Certification seal that reflects each product’s evaluation details
  • (With your permission) Permanently publish the results of your security evaluation(s).  See a sample Certification Page here.

Static Evaluation – $995

Static evaluation relies on documentary evidence of your product’s security features.  Note that it represents a subset of the full criteria, and produces a reduced score.  It provides an evaluation option in cases in which dynamic testing is not feasible.

Dynamic Evaluation – $1995

Dynamic evaluation is based on both documentary evidence plus hands-on testing of dynamic features. Access to an instance of the product is required to complete a dynamic evaluation. 

Marketing Ready Graphics

Certification includes marketing collateral to add to your product’s packaging and website. Example:

Directs customers to your product’s security evaluation page.


To learn more about Affinity IT Security Labs security evaluations, please call us at 800.840.2335.

To request an evaluation of your product, complete the Security Evaluation Request Form.

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