Affinity IT Security Services Has New Focus on Critical Infrastructure Protection

Recent Hacking of an American Utility Provider Inspires Small Cybersecurity Company to Take Action

Randolph, NJ: Today, Affinity IT Security Services, a company specializing in helping organizations identify and correct their vulnerabilities, announced that it is actively contacting senior management at all U.S. water utilities in an effort to ensure they take full advantage of a no-cost, tailored-fit proposal for cyber security services.  

The goal of this new outreach program is to highlight the danger a hacked utility provider presents and to promote securing key infrastructure that protects the health and safety of citizens all over the country. Will senior management hear this call to action and rise to the occasion? Only time will tell. Affinity IT for its part is offering an incentive. Managers of a utility company will now receive a customized proposal for cybersecurity services gratis. 

Reflecting on the recent cybersecurity breach at a Florida Water Utility, Affinity IT CEO Joe Fisher said,  “Water utilities are national critical infrastructure and must be protected to the greatest degree possible.  Recent events have shown the status quo to be unacceptable but also preventable.  We sincerely believe that if they had been our client, they would not have been breached.  We also believe that time is short because wide-spread media exposure of the incident will likely result in similar attacks.” 

About Affinity IT:

Since 2009, Affinity IT Security Services has worked with both large and small companies to protect their critical IT assets from bad actors. As a cybersecurity outsource partner and educator, Affinity IT seeks to provide practical and cost-effective solutions that improve cybersecurity across an enterprise while maintaining a vendor neutral perspective. 

More information about Affinity IT and their Cybersecurity Training Programs can be found here.